Chronic Late Poster

Hey all,

I realize I missed Saturday’s post yet again. In all honesty it was because I lacked time to write. (I’ve been “galavanting with a guy,” as my mother would say).

To combat my horrible habit of not having time, inspiration, or energy to write, I decided to purchase a book using some of my B&N gift cards.

Here it is! Finish the Story, published by Piccadilly. It lists the first sentence or two of a story at the top of at blank note page and let’s you finish it off! I’m really excited to see what I can come up with, so hopefully I’ll have a fresh story for you this weekend instead of another lame poem!


High above the world

I sit and ponder.

It is all so very small,

Each house a little spot

And each human a little speck.

Everything is all so tiny,

But my sight has grown immensely.

I see all the mountains.

They were once far too large to appreciate.

I see every single tree,

Even the ones in the middle of the thickest wood.

I see the ocean’s edge,

So many miles away.

I see an entire lake,

And every island within its mass.

I am so high above it all

That I can see it all.

I want to stay this high forever,

But I cannot see the stories.

I cannot know the truths and lies

From so far up above.

I can only learn those

As a speck myself.

And so I leave my mountain’s edge

And descend once more.


Photo taken near the Maiden’s Cliff trail summit, Camden, ME.

Poetry Challenge: Cheese Edition

Bland and unmemorable,

The edible kin of Stephenie Meyer’s vocabulary in Twilight,

It struggles to find use as even a filler cheese.

Oh, how I hate ricotta.

Dull and mushy,

Nothing without the aid of other flavors,

Yet, somehow, a dream among the cheeses when dancing with preserves.

Oh, how I dislike brie.

Sharp and melty,

The most versatile of all the cheeses,

Its applications are limitless as it frolics across the cheese-based dishes.

Oh, how I like cheddar.

Smokey and strong,

An alpha in the cheese department at Hannaford’s,

It’s a cheese I could consume by the wedge.

Oh, how I love Gouda.

I the inspiration for this poem came from It was “Choose four different things: one that you hate, dislike, like, and love. Make sure all are relatively related (all foods or personality traits or colors). Write a poem in which you include this spectrum of things you care very differently about and the relationship between the chosen things.”

In case you didn’t notice, I chose to go with one of my favorite topics: cheese. I would like to take this moment to point out that I don’t actually dislike any of these cheeses 100%. Ricotta and brie are just better mixed with things than they are stand-alone cheeses. However, ricotta is the most replaceable of all the cheeses I have ever tasted…

Unrequited Love

Oh, what a chore it is to fall into a





To have one’s hope frolic and leap at the sight of a body,

Or the smile of a face,

Or the sound of a voice,

Only to have that hope misstep and soar

Over the edge,

Off a high cliff,

And dash itself among the rocks of reason below.

To turn one’s mind away from the carnage of a shattered heart

Only to feel it rise from its wreckage

And climb back up to its lofty point,

Ignoring the scars that shaped it.

Well, it’s a day late and a buck short, but I managed to get it up!

This poem was inspired by the struggles of a friend, but I think it would ring true for a lot of people who’ve ever loved and not been loved in return.

On a slightly less depressing note, my student teaching experience is going well, and a massive storm system has just hit my area. We are supposed to get anywhere from 16-24 inches, but getting over 30 won’t be a surprise!

Here’s a picture of a cute little snowflake that landed inside my car door yesterday to make up for the heartache of this poem!


Two Poems for You Because I’m a Terrible, Lazy Blogger

The Night before the First Day of Student Teaching

Excitement bubbles

Anticipation shivers

Dread lingers

Hope flowers

Sleep eludes

The above poem was written the night before I began my student teaching experience. I was too excited to sleep, so I jotted down a few lines.



I open my mouth and words spill out.


I touch pen to paper and spill words from ink.


They don’t belong together.


It’s called poetry.

I have included more than one poem this evening because I was a lazy blogger and simply didn’t make a post last Saturday. I had made plans with a friend (who ended up bailing like he always does), and ended up forgetting. By the time I remembered my weekly challenge to myself, I was already in bed. I thought about posting one on Sunday, but I never bothered taking the ten minutes I would have needed to copy and paste a poem from my writing folder to a WordPress page.

On a different, note, I went to my first underground concert this evening. I didn’t realize it was an underground, so my friends and I were a little concerned when we ended up in a strange basement with people we didn’t know. It ended up being a great adventure! One of the bands was composed of some lovely girls I knew from high school. Their Band is called Random Ideas, and they have some great music! Here is a link to their Facebook and a link to their webpage. You should totally check them out!


I’m super charged and electric.

I’m like the trickling stream.

I’m crying with joy in my tears,

And singing with an unearthly rage.

I’m wallowing in my darkest fears.

I see the beauty in the world and feel hate.

I see the horrors of my species and laugh.

I’m a storm of mixed emotions,

And a lighting strike of inaction.

I’m wired for decisive movement,

And fixed in place by my own procrastination.

I have the passion of a hundred hopeful children

And the eyes-opened-wide of your local alcoholic.

I am the dancing hypocrite.

I realized with 15 minutes left in the day that I hadn’t posted this yet. So let’s see if I can get it up in time. I wrote a few poems this week, mostly inspired from some post I saw on Facebook. I should have something to post for the next few weeks, so don’t expect me to miss a weekend!

(I got this up in time!!!)

A Week Without Facebook

Hello my darling readers! (Was I too excited just then?). This week, my post is about quitting Facebook for one whole week. I have journaled my experience as a Facebook-less individual every evening. The only connection I allowed myself to have to my favorite social media platform was through the messenger app and when my mother insisted on showing me a post. Other than that, my obsessive sharing of trivial things, addictive commenting on friends’ posts, and joyful stalking of people I knew in high school (I’m not creepy, I just like celebrating their accomplishments and cute pets with likes).

Well, this is how it went…

Day 1:

I was surprised by how easily the day passed without Facebook. I caught myself trying to open the non-existent app on my phone a lot, but other than that, there weren’t a lot of issues. I did end up wondering how some of the people who I don’t talk are doing. I love reading statuses and keeping tabs on my Facebook friends. One of my biggest worries today was whether or not one of me Facebook friend’s cats was found after he escaped outside. The poor thing has been having some medical problems. I hope he’s alright.

Anyway, I have survived day one of my No Facebook Week. I definitely compensated with Snapchat, but not once did I look at Facebook. However, I usually dabble on Facebook before falling asleep. It’s a part of my bedtime routine. It will be interesting to see how drifting into unconsciousness goes…


Day 2:

Well, I’m beginning to feel the isolation. I have a grand total of 20 friends on Snapchat, and I don’t really have a presence on Instagram or Twitter. I realized that I was suffering from a lack of memes and general comedic posts today (they always brightened up my mundane life). This resulted in me turning to Imgur for my daily dose of trivial humor. I was not disappointed.

However, my lack of human contact has lead me to do something I swore I would never do. I signed up for a dating site. Well, technically I just made a profile. I can’t do much besides thumb up people since I don’t want to pay for it. However, I have apparently matched with a lovely fellow who claims to be a lieutenant for a local volunteer fire department. The website (okay, I’ll say it: makes very convincing arguments for why I should pay for a membership and contact the lovely young farmers and other country-lovers who have liked my profile. However, even if I was interested in their profiles with various attractive trucks and trailers, I am far too poor to pay for guys to pay attention to me, given that one cannot work while student teaching.

Long story short: Facebook anchored me to reality and kept me from making questionable decisions. I fear that my life will spiral into an abyss of attention-seeking behavior before the week is done. Please send preventative help.


Day 3:

Today was the day that I discovered it is very hard find things without Facebook. Small business? They only have a Facebook page. No website. Airport I need to find in order to get information for a potential family vacation? Facebook page. If you don’t use Facebook, then you are missing out on a whole world that could be extremely helpful for life in general.

I have also started going crazy not being able to see what is going on in my friend’s lives. There have been various things mentioned in messages from friends that were references to things they saw or posted on Facebook. I was totally out of the loop for all of these things. I’m still pretty lost, to be honest…


Day 4:

The day passed much easier than the previous ones. While there were more comments and jokes made about my Facebook leave of absence, I did not find myself checking for the app as often as I have been the past few days. I don’t even feel like I’ve been missed because my mother has taken it upon herself to post the short jokes she finds while scrolling on my short friend’s wall (love you, Jude; thank you, Mum). I have even spent less time on my phone today than in previous days. I think my collection of mobile games has finally gotten boring.


Day 5:

I don’t really miss Facebook. I miss the practical uses, but I don’t really use it for much besides keeping tabs on people I kinda-sorta know. The funny pictures and videos can be found on Imgur and YouTube. The chatting aspect is accomplished through a different app. I have accomplished a lot of reading this week, and I have returned to my addicting Sudoku book. The one thing I think I resent the most about this challenge I made for myself is that my friends and family keep talking about Facebook and all the things I am missing. That is the only thing reminding me of what life was like before Facebook.

Off to play some games!


Day 6:

No entry for this day. I got distracted.


Day 7:

Well, I have officially survived an entire week without Facebook. I’m not particularly changed, though I do appreciate the slight increase in my available time and the lack of “you’re always on Facebook” comments. I think I will likely decrease the amount of time I an on Facebook in the future, but for the time being, I am perfectly excited to redownload the app to my phone and partake in comment wars and Facebook stalking my friends.

As soon as I finish this post, I will log into Facebook for the first time in a week and post a link to my experience. I’m rather upset that I don’t have that much to say about the whole experience, so I will instead inform all my readers that I have starts (and finished) watching The Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. Thankfully, Netflix made sure to make a series, with book being covered in two 1-hour-long episodes. The first season covers the first four books. While some things have changed from the books, I found each episode overwhelmingly enjoyable, with all of Lemony Snicket’s charm and quirks present in the dialogue and theatrics. You should watch it if you grew up loving the books like I did, or even if you just want to watch a show about people who are likely more miserable than you. It’s a million times better than the movie was.

The nest time I post on this blog, I would have been in an actual classroom doing my Student Teaching work for three days (I go into the school on Wednesday)! Wish me luck!

Anyway, I hope you found some enjoyment in this blog. For those of you reading from my Facebooked link, I apologize if you’ve missed me.