A New Year and a New Announcement

Hello to my dearest readers!

I know this is a couple of weeks late into the new year, but I wanted to post it anyway.

It’s hard to believe that I have had this blog for two years now. I may not be a super famous blogger, but having this platform to post my creative work and rambling thoughts has been a blessing to me. There is just something about clicking that “publish” button that makes me feel a little more like the writer I long to be.

I know that I have not posted very much since last year when I decided to break away from my weekly posts, but I am hoping to change that this year. I probably won’t go back to posting every single week on a set day because I was beginning to feel like I was forcing my writing more than I like to, but I am going to try to post semi-regularly this year, if only to show you all that I’m still alive.

Now, about that announcement…

It isn’t anything fancy or life-changing, but I did want to give my readers a heads up about a new writing series that I will be working on over the course of this year. This series, tentatively called “Special People,” will feature a collection of pieces describing my dearest friends. Each friend’s ‘chapter,’ as I have taken to calling them, will be posted for that individual’s birthday.

This idea stemmed from a combination of friends who adore cheesy writing and a social media post that was shared around the net a while ago. This post brought up the idea that many people would love to see how an author would portray them in writing. I might not be a super awesome published writer or anything, but I figured that my closest friends would love a cheesy chapter about them, how they came into my life, and what they mean to me!

With that said, keep an eye out on this blog for chapters being posted periodically through the year (sprinkled within my usual dusting of poems and commentaries). Most of the friends I will be writing about have birthdays in the spring and summer, so you will see these posts around those times. However, the first birthday post should be up sometime this month!

Thank you all for sticking with this blog as I fumble through literary self-discovery. I hope you all have a bright and adventurous 2018!



High above the world

I sit and ponder.

It is all so very small,

Each house a little spot

And each human a little speck.

Everything is all so tiny,

But my sight has grown immensely.

I see all the mountains.

They were once far too large to appreciate.

I see every single tree,

Even the ones in the middle of the thickest wood.

I see the ocean’s edge,

So many miles away.

I see an entire lake,

And every island within its mass.

I am so high above it all

That I can see it all.

I want to stay this high forever,

But I cannot see the stories.

I cannot know the truths and lies

From so far up above.

I can only learn those

As a speck myself.

And so I leave my mountain’s edge

And descend once more.


Photo taken near the Maiden’s Cliff trail summit, Camden, ME.

The Day I Gained

Here is a Facebook status I made one year ago today. I hope to upload an actual blog post later today! Thanks for putting up with my sporadic posts. I have the best readers!
Today, my forgetfulness gave me one extra day to live.

It is a little known fact that I often hide things like money or trinkets for myself to find at a later date. I forget where it is, and I get a dose of joy when I find it.

Today, I was informed that it is Thursday, not Friday.

I spent all week thinking a day ahead.

Now, upon realizing that it is Thursday, I am thanking past Kat for somehow managing to forget what day it really was, and thus gifting present Kat with an extra day of life.

You never really appreciate that one day until you have it given back to you.

Lesson: never take the time you have for granted.


Busy week. I honestly spaced on writing something for today despite the little note in my planner proclaiming “Blog Post!” with a spiky boarder… Well, here’s a blast from the past (2015).



When we were little,
You cut my hair.
You cut it so badly,
I had to wear it short.
Mum and I were mad,
But you thought it was funny.

Remember when you called me fat,
But you never saw me cry about it?
You hurt my feelings
Like the little shit you are.
You never said sorry
Unless it was forced.

I remember how you cried
When I pretended that
Those witches on the hayride
Had given me poisoned cider.
You screamed: “They killed my sister!”
As I played dead.

You remember wrestling, right?
I’d hit that spot on your back,
Or you would pin me down,
Just like Pa had taught us,
Army guy style/
You’d always stop when the fake tears rolled.

You went to the hospital twice
Because of me.
It will be safe, I promised.
It will be fun, I said.
You never hated me.
You forgave me.

When you got to high school,
You pretended not to know me.
I still had your back.
No one gave you a hard time
Without getting through me.
They seldom did.

You make fun of my clothes.
I make fun of your hair.
You insult my boyfriend,
And I embarrass you in front of your girl.
We team yup to tackle Pa,
And speak so Mum can’t hear us.

Little Brother,
You’re still a little shit,
But you are my little shit.
I’ve got your back,
And you’ve got mine.
I’ll always be your sister.