I’m searching for a connection

Without a direction.

I’ve got to capture that feeling

I felt when he had me reeling.

The way I felt when his eyes

Held promises of love’s endless skies,

And the way his hands felt

Caressing my hair and making my heart melt.

The way that his arms

Still make feel safe from harm,

And the way that his smile

Still makes my heart beat, like running a mile,

Tell me I still love him,

But now that I need him

I can’t breathe without him,

My mind boils with him,

He’s leaving me cold,

But I can’t shake the hold

That he has on my heart.

I tell myself that he’s only a part

Of the greater whole

And one day, I won’t feel this hole

That I feel when he leaves me

Lonely as he’s sleeping carefree.

I’m hurting inside,

But his blind spots are wide,

And he is dumb to my pain.

My heart, by his sword, is laid slain.

My tears are stupid to him.

My cries are unjust to him.

My needs are pointless to him.

My love is useless to him.

Earn his affections? I’ve tried.

Beg for his attention? I’ve cried.

I’m standing in the bathroom,

As, drunkenly, the world swoons.

I demand to know why,

As I watch myself cry.

Why does he say that he loves me

Only to leave my arms empty?

Is my character to rough?

Do I not laugh enough?

Do I worry too much?

Am I only a crutch

For him to lean on

Until the next lover comes along?

Do I need to dye my hair

To match his last flare?

Maybe for him to be impressed

I need to don a prettier dress?

Is it the way that I walk?

Or, perhaps, it’s the speed at which I talk?

Was it all my of my scars

That made him stop seeing stars?

Are my jokes too queer?

Is it all I hold dear?

Does he really love me?

I wish I could see

The truth within him,

The thoughts that circle him,

The past that built him,

The reason that, to him,

I will always be in second place.

Will I always hate my own face?

How can I best dance

To earn his coveted romance?

Even though my heart sings,

I fear I will always be his nothing.







Play with fire

And you’re bound to get burned.

That’s what they told you,

And boy, they were right.

But I’m not an extinguishable flame.

I’m not a fleeting flicker in your life.

Boy, I’m so much more dangerous

Than a meek little spark.

I’m the caress of the waves

Lapping your feet in summer’s sweet heat.

I’m the calm of the sea 

Dancing with the setting sun.

I’m the adventurous ripetide,

Prying your toes from the safety of shore.

I’m the foaming crests,

Thrilling your boat through the storm.

I’m the uncontainable power

Pulling you under then lifting you high.

Boy, I’m an ocean.

Come master my waves.


This one has been pulled from the archives. I forgot to wrote something earlier, and being away from my laptop (at a friend’s house) has killed any late-night ambitions I my have had. I hope you don’t mind this randomly selected copy-and-paste piece.

Poetry Challenge: Cheese Edition

Bland and unmemorable,

The edible kin of Stephenie Meyer’s vocabulary in Twilight,

It struggles to find use as even a filler cheese.

Oh, how I hate ricotta.

Dull and mushy,

Nothing without the aid of other flavors,

Yet, somehow, a dream among the cheeses when dancing with preserves.

Oh, how I dislike brie.

Sharp and melty,

The most versatile of all the cheeses,

Its applications are limitless as it frolics across the cheese-based dishes.

Oh, how I like cheddar.

Smokey and strong,

An alpha in the cheese department at Hannaford’s,

It’s a cheese I could consume by the wedge.

Oh, how I love Gouda.

I the inspiration for this poem came from poetryprompts.tumblr.com. It was “Choose four different things: one that you hate, dislike, like, and love. Make sure all are relatively related (all foods or personality traits or colors). Write a poem in which you include this spectrum of things you care very differently about and the relationship between the chosen things.”

In case you didn’t notice, I chose to go with one of my favorite topics: cheese. I would like to take this moment to point out that I don’t actually dislike any of these cheeses 100%. Ricotta and brie are just better mixed with things than they are stand-alone cheeses. However, ricotta is the most replaceable of all the cheeses I have ever tasted…

Unrequited Love

Oh, what a chore it is to fall into a





To have one’s hope frolic and leap at the sight of a body,

Or the smile of a face,

Or the sound of a voice,

Only to have that hope misstep and soar

Over the edge,

Off a high cliff,

And dash itself among the rocks of reason below.

To turn one’s mind away from the carnage of a shattered heart

Only to feel it rise from its wreckage

And climb back up to its lofty point,

Ignoring the scars that shaped it.

Well, it’s a day late and a buck short, but I managed to get it up!

This poem was inspired by the struggles of a friend, but I think it would ring true for a lot of people who’ve ever loved and not been loved in return.

On a slightly less depressing note, my student teaching experience is going well, and a massive storm system has just hit my area. We are supposed to get anywhere from 16-24 inches, but getting over 30 won’t be a surprise!

Here’s a picture of a cute little snowflake that landed inside my car door yesterday to make up for the heartache of this poem!


Two Poems for You Because I’m a Terrible, Lazy Blogger

The Night before the First Day of Student Teaching

Excitement bubbles

Anticipation shivers

Dread lingers

Hope flowers

Sleep eludes

The above poem was written the night before I began my student teaching experience. I was too excited to sleep, so I jotted down a few lines.



I open my mouth and words spill out.


I touch pen to paper and spill words from ink.


They don’t belong together.


It’s called poetry.

I have included more than one poem this evening because I was a lazy blogger and simply didn’t make a post last Saturday. I had made plans with a friend (who ended up bailing like he always does), and ended up forgetting. By the time I remembered my weekly challenge to myself, I was already in bed. I thought about posting one on Sunday, but I never bothered taking the ten minutes I would have needed to copy and paste a poem from my writing folder to a WordPress page.

On a different, note, I went to my first underground concert this evening. I didn’t realize it was an underground, so my friends and I were a little concerned when we ended up in a strange basement with people we didn’t know. It ended up being a great adventure! One of the bands was composed of some lovely girls I knew from high school. Their Band is called Random Ideas, and they have some great music! Here is a link to their Facebook and a link to their webpage. You should totally check them out!


I’m super charged and electric.

I’m like the trickling stream.

I’m crying with joy in my tears,

And singing with an unearthly rage.

I’m wallowing in my darkest fears.

I see the beauty in the world and feel hate.

I see the horrors of my species and laugh.

I’m a storm of mixed emotions,

And a lighting strike of inaction.

I’m wired for decisive movement,

And fixed in place by my own procrastination.

I have the passion of a hundred hopeful children

And the eyes-opened-wide of your local alcoholic.

I am the dancing hypocrite.

I realized with 15 minutes left in the day that I hadn’t posted this yet. So let’s see if I can get it up in time. I wrote a few poems this week, mostly inspired from some post I saw on Facebook. I should have something to post for the next few weeks, so don’t expect me to miss a weekend!

(I got this up in time!!!)

Ode to Writer’s Block

It’s right to write,

But it’s such a plight.

To exercise your imagination

And find that you have no inspiration.

Searching for prompts across the net

And finding nothing but your own regret.

Why did I start this stupid blog?

Why is is my brain acting like a dying frog?

The interweb has some cool ideas,

But all I can think about are cheese quesadillas.

I’m beginning to resent this trivial task.

Could it be that my writing is just a mask?

Did I create a false appearance?

Of creativity and literary perseverance?

Perhaps I will call it a day

And try to write my frustrations away.

Hey everyone! As you can tell, my first post of 2017 did not come without a great deal of struggle. All I could think about was complaining about the fact I had to write a post… I have some good news though! I am already making plans for my next blog post. It will be a personal challenge that will hopefully yield amusing results!

Wish me luck!