Hey all,
My name is Kat.

About the Blog
This blog will have a new post at least every Friday (to the best of my ability), and each post will simply be a selection of random writing, ranging from poetry and short stories, to discussions of my opinions, facts about myself, and various writing challenges you and other readers suggest to me.

About the Writer
I am a lover of birds, owner of reptiles, and admirer of the world and its creations (excluding humanity, most rodents, and a few mammals).
I own four beautiful leopard geckos.
I have owned several different kinds of birds, and I channel my love of avians into my involvement as a 4H leader.
I love water, and one day dream of becoming a mermaid.
I am passionate about educating future generations, which is why I am attending college to become a high school English teacher.
Ich spreche Deutsch nicht sehr gut.
I have been writing for years, and welcome any and all feedback!


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