Christmas is, for me, a time of gift-giving and love. While I could care less if I receive any gifts, I spend months planning just the right gifts for those dearest to me. I spend more money than I should trying to obtain just the right object to show my people how much they mean to me.

The thing is, I think I go through all the stress of Christmas, not for my loved ones, but for my selfish self. The truth is, they know I love them. They know I draw strength from their kind words and caring banter. They don't need gifts to tell them everything a simple hug could.

However, I need to give these gifts to make myself feel good. Every year, I spend countless hours and dollars obsessing over Christmas for my people. I kneel on hard floors as my back grows tight and paper cuts obscure the edges of my knuckles.

But as each present is wrapped, tagged, bowed, and added to pile, I remind myself of all the joy, love, and support that person has brought to my life over the past year and all years prior. I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful person in my life.

Please take a moment amidst all the holiday stress to truly remember those who mean the most to you, whether that is one person or a dozen, a little child or a wise mentor. When the holidays fade for the challenges of the coming year, their love will continue without end.


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