Guitar Store

It was just a moment
With two eyes,
Storm blue
And laughing
As they met my own.

It was just a moment
With a leather jacket
Covering all but
Familiar hands,
Strumming away.

It was just a moment,
Standing in the corner,
Out of the way,
Seeing an old friend
In an unfamiliar light.

No picture since I’m on my iPad because the power is out here, but that doesn’t mean I’m not writing! With a mobile hotspot (and an acceptance that I’m going to be paying extra for data once the projected 1-2 weeks without power is up), anything is possible!


Tonight, I Cry

­I used to cry at night

For pains not easily forgotten.

I used to lie awake and let my agonies

Trail down my cheeks like soothing rivers.

I used to carve my miseries

Into lined pages with a brightly-colored pen.


I used to cry for the empty spaces

Left by goodbyes.

I used to let tears flow

And wash away a boy’s unwanted touch.

I used to whisper the same awful words to myself

That had been left in my memory by another’s voice.


I used to cry for the mysterious pain

That emerged as the darkness whispered.

I used to wonder how anyone could survive

When bridges, knives, and winding roads existed.

I used to consider all of those smiling faces

And sob because I didn’t belong with them.


Tonight, I pine for the evils of the world

That I knew would never heal.

Tonight, I ache for those who bleed

At the mercy of forces they cannot stop.

Tonight, I cry because somewhere, I know

My student cries the same.