The Night before the First Day of Student Teaching

Excitement bubbles

Anticipation shivers

Dread lingers

Hope flowers

Sleep eludes

The above poem was written the night before I began my student teaching experience. I was too excited to sleep, so I jotted down a few lines.



I open my mouth and words spill out.


I touch pen to paper and spill words from ink.


They don’t belong together.


It’s called poetry.

I have included more than one poem this evening because I was a lazy blogger and simply didn’t make a post last Saturday. I had made plans with a friend (who ended up bailing like he always does), and ended up forgetting. By the time I remembered my weekly challenge to myself, I was already in bed. I thought about posting one on Sunday, but I never bothered taking the ten minutes I would have needed to copy and paste a poem from my writing folder to a WordPress page.

On a different, note, I went to my first underground concert this evening. I didn’t realize it was an underground, so my friends and I were a little concerned when we ended up in a strange basement with people we didn’t know. It ended up being a great adventure! One of the bands was composed of some lovely girls I knew from high school. Their Band is called Random Ideas, and they have some great music! Here is a link to their Facebook and a link to their webpage. You should totally check them out!


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