I’m super charged and electric.

I’m like the trickling stream.

I’m crying with joy in my tears,

And singing with an unearthly rage.

I’m wallowing in my darkest fears.

I see the beauty in the world and feel hate.

I see the horrors of my species and laugh.

I’m a storm of mixed emotions,

And a lighting strike of inaction.

I’m wired for decisive movement,

And fixed in place by my own procrastination.

I have the passion of a hundred hopeful children

And the eyes-opened-wide of your local alcoholic.

I am the dancing hypocrite.

I realized with 15 minutes left in the day that I hadn’t posted this yet. So let’s see if I can get it up in time. I wrote a few poems this week, mostly inspired from some post I saw on Facebook. I should have something to post for the next few weeks, so don’t expect me to miss a weekend!

(I got this up in time!!!)


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