It’s right to write,

But it’s such a plight.

To exercise your imagination

And find that you have no inspiration.

Searching for prompts across the net

And finding nothing but your own regret.

Why did I start this stupid blog?

Why is is my brain acting like a dying frog?

The interweb has some cool ideas,

But all I can think about are cheese quesadillas.

I’m beginning to resent this trivial task.

Could it be that my writing is just a mask?

Did I create a false appearance?

Of creativity and literary perseverance?

Perhaps I will call it a day

And try to write my frustrations away.

Hey everyone! As you can tell, my first post of 2017 did not come without a great deal of struggle. All I could think about was complaining about the fact I had to write a post… I have some good news though! I am already making plans for my next blog post. It will be a personal challenge that will hopefully yield amusing results!

Wish me luck!



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