Well, it is snowing here in Maine. We have gotten several inches since this morning. Being trapped in my house means that I have no creativity for this blog post, so I will describe the terror of having your glasses fall apart when you are, for all intents and purposes, blind and useless. I will also update you on my recent life.


It all started this morning as I was exiting the bathroom. I reached up to adjust my glasses, and a lens that has been popping out (usually in controlled environments, such as while I was cleaning it) fell to the floor and disappeared. My mother helped me find it, and then she decided it was an optimal time to have my father try to fix it…


(AF=as fudge)

So began my adventures as a helpless and blind-ish individual. Of course, I chronicled this experience on Snapchat.


After about 5 minutes of no glasses, my eyes decided they hated the strain of trying to make sense of the world around me and rebelled by starting a headache. My  was still hard at work trying to fix the one thing that keeps me functional.


Unfortunately, he dropped one of the very small screw that holds my lenses in my frames. So began a hunt of epic, yet micro, proportions.


As the snap suggests, I was totally useless when it came to finding the screw. All I could do was watch the blurry shapes of my parents as they tried to find that microscopic and annoying piece of metal. I was worried I would have to be blind for the foreseeable because I didn’t know where my spare glasses were…


As you can tell, this was quite the emotional experience for me.


My mother had a collection of different-sized screws that broke open in her purse. Thankfully, they managed to round up a few. It was just a matter of waiting for my dad to test them and find the right size…


Of course, there was the possibility of not having glasses that functioned. My mind began wandering. I think a seeing-eye parrot would be pretty cool.


My loving father managed to fit a crew into my glasses. The lens is still at risk of falling out, but at least it’ staying in place for now. Thank goodness for awesome parents! (Love you guys)

Now, a quick update on my life. Not that you asked for it, but sometimes I like to think my readers care about my mundane adventures.

I have finished my last fall semester at college. This included several papers, a massive multigenre project, and hours of typing. All I have left between me and my degree is a semester of student teaching! I have been placed at my old high school and my mentor teacher is one of the best English teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from! I cannot wait to join him in the classroom for this final adventure in my college experience!

On a different note, I saw Rogue I this past Thursday. Awesome movie! You have to go see it! KT-S0 is my new favorite droid. I’m adding some pictures of a light cosplay I did with my Star Wars buddy, Jake.



I also attended the Barnes & Nobel Harry Potter Holiday Ball on December 7. I made sure to wear all my Slytherin Garb, and I had a blast with my Gryffindor girl, Judy!



Last but not least, I finished decorating my house for Christmas. I am the chief decorator, and this year greeted me with many new challenges. One of them being the need to completely rewire my family’s favorite ornament: A light-up angel pig. I had to open up his wire frame and string brand new lights all through his interior. It was essentially a organ-transplant of massive scale. He now sits proudly on the peak of our house, serving as a reminder to all that some pretty cool (and pretty weird) people live here.


Now, I am having a Star Wars marathon with my folks and best friend, Alex. It’s been too long since I’ve watched any of the first 6 episodes…


My next post is due on Christmas Eve, so I can make no promises about me remembering to post it. I will do my best though. If you don’t hear from me before Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of the year), may the joy of the season blossom in your soul!


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