The Girl and the Bush

So much for an empty house, thought Carolin as she ran down the stairs. She had been so careful to avoid the monsters, but her luck had run out and she had stumbled into an entire nest of them while making sure the abandoned house was safe. Now, her only hope was to make it outside before the small horde got to her. She only had five bullets, and there were way more zombies than that.

There were more of the decaying creatures waiting at the bottom of the stairs, so she placed one hand on the railing and launched herself sideways over it. She cleared all but one of the bodies and made sure to put a sizable hole through the chin of the one still in her way. There were only four bullets left in the clip.

She ran around the corner at the end of the hall only to skid to stop when she saw where the rest of the zombies had come from. She had forgotten to close the door behind her, and now there were even more monsters shambling through. A string of curse words slithered through her adrenaline-fueled mind. If Daniel had still been alive, he would be making a comment about how her forgetful nature was going to be the death of him. If Daniel had still been alive, he would have shut the door for her.

But Daniel was not alive, and Carolin was alone. She was going to die alone. The zombies were closing in, and the gaps she could potentially escape from were getting smaller with every second of hesitation. Four bullets. Two for the two grotesque females along the left wall, one in case a rotting hand grabbed her, and one in case she couldn’t get away. It was time to move.

Just as Carolin took aim at the first female zombie, a loud BANG shattered the monotonous moaning and shuffling of the bodies and causing her target’s head to explode. She still had four bullets. Someone else had fired a different gun. Carolin whirled around to see where the projectile had come from, and saw, on the other side of the mass of rotting flesh, a figure garbed in what appeared to be a bush.

“Get down!” yelled the bush man. Carolin dropped to her knees just in time to avoid being peppered with 30-cal bullets. Heavy bodies fell on top of her, but they all remained motionless.

When silence had settled and the sound of gunshots had finished pummeling her eardrums, Carolin rose, shoving zombies off with her shoulders and wiping blood from her face. The bush man had moved closer to shoot around the corner Carolin had run from. All the zombies were dead. “Thanks,” she said. No one questioned strangers anymore, especially if they helped you somehow. That’s just the way things worked now.

“No problem” he replied. “The name’s Mitch. And you are?”


“Pleased to meet you.” Mitch had a southern accent, and his voice sounded like a lazy country song, not shaky at all. You wouldn’t know he had just wiped out twenty zombies. “Where are you heading all alone? Don’t you know it ain’t safe to be out in these parts with no one to have you six?”

“I wasn’t alone until a month ago. You’re the first person I’ve seen since,” she said, telling the truth. There hadn’t been any other living person since Daniel died.

“Well, you’d better come with me. I got an extra ghillie suit back in my car. You need a better gun, too.” Caroline followed without much complaint. It wasn’t like she had the ammo or strength to take on Mitch, and she didn’t much feel like being caught in a horde again. She’d just have to trust him.

Hey everyone! Sorry for being MIA the past few weeks. I’ve either been busy with something that arguably resembles a social life or homework. Since I just plain spaced on doing my post this past weekend, I’m making up for it with this special edition Monday post!

There’s actually nothing special about it—just this pitiful apology for my negligence.

Thanks for reading!


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