I decided to have some fun with two sentence horror stories. Here are five I came up with.

**Content may be distressing for some readers**


I woke up to find my hand asleep. I moved that same hand to scratch my nose, and felt only a drop of warm liquid land on my neck.


            Janice instantly regretted her decision to copy that star symbol from the big black book she found in the attic as a smokey shape appeared at the center of the Sharpie lines. It solidified, and the last thing she ever saw before the form ripped her stomach out was the mutilated face of her dead baby brother sprouting atop ink black tentacles.


            Billy watched the big man go into Mommy’s bedroom, and he listened to her screaming “No! No! Please! No!” before the bang made her be quiet. He had told Mommy that monsters were real, but she never believed him, and now he was alone.


            Her Tinder date had gone better than she intended, and he was even drawing a hot bath for her! He sat on the toilet, watching as she slid into the tub and released an animalistic scream as the acid burned away her flesh.


            “I’ll go get the baby,” he said after being home for 20 minutes, enjoying the scent of roasted garlic wafting through the kitchen, and not hearing a peep from his son.

“We haven’t got a baby, but we have got dinner,” she said with a warm smile, pulling a pan from the oven with a body on it that most definitely did not belong to a chicken.


Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite two-sentence horror stories are, or try writing your own!



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