A royal affair,

All access pass.

Gentlemen prefer pink, rose quartz,

Architecture of face.

Happy hour,

A place in the sun

Bikini so teeny.

Appletini, pink champagne, wine.

It’s all a bluer.

To nude, or not to nude?

Let’s get naked!

Naughty nude.

Are you red-dy?

Ever red-dy.

Oh so wicked!

Under my spell;

You’re all mine!


Best of the best!

Beyond bold, sensational!

Eastend snob, first class nude.

In love with Ginger!

Times square,


Make it happen.

In too deep…


Call me crazy…


New York blues.

Sorry for the risque nature of this poem. My professor decided that the writing challenge for this week was to be a found poem. However, instead of creating this poem from a newspaper or a page from a book, we were to go to the make up aisle in a store and find the poem among the make up labels.

It is very challenging to create a poem from pre-generated words when many of them suggest nudity, coitus, and otherwise promiscuous behavior. I try to keep everything on here rated PG, but I sure as heck wasn’t going to write a love poem for coffee (the other labels were all about coffee and honey).


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