Franklin Mason-Mahoney

Franklin Mason-Mahoney stood by the door to his basement apartment, hands folded in front of his denim-clad waist and feet square, shoulder-width apart. The white walls of the apartment were as pure and spotless as the day they had been painted. There was almost no color in the space, excluding the tacky sage patterns on the love seat and chair, the dark plastic of the old TV, and the pale wood of the kitchen cabinets. Everything else, from the carpet to the ceiling, was white. The art on the walls framed with cheap gold-colored metal (purchased with coupons from the local Michael’s) was the only thing that kept the apartment from resembling a typical hotel room. The frames bordered white paper. The paper, however, was not as pure as the walls. Across the smooth surfaces were smears of a darker substance. The crusty brown had been speared on the different sheets in a variety of ways. Some were as simple as a child’s finger paintings, with monochromatic rainbows and piles of abstract shapes. Others, still just as singular in color, were more intricate, clearly having been created by the collection of brushes Franklin Mason-Mahoney always carried, rolled up neatly in a worn artist’s bag. These detailed paintings depicted mountains with streams, a doe and her fawn, an old water wheel with no liquid to move it, and many other things one might encounter on an old Bob Ross rerun. Every wall in the apartment was covered with these paintings. Well, every wall except those that formed the back bedroom. Those walls were covered with dark brown tarps and silver duct tape. In the middle of that room was a table with what would have been a partial sketch of a decaying barn had the cup of red liquid been spilled across the paper. There was a thin trail of the same liquid dripped across the floor and out into the living room, where the bright red dots lead straight to the door. Franklin Mason-Mahoney knew what the trail meant. He knew that, with the preteen free, there was no point in running. Franklin Mason-Mahoney stood calmly waiting.

Hey all,

Sorry again for missing a blog post. I haven’t been sleeping hardly at all during the week while I am at school, so my weekends at home have become super lazy. However, I managed to get this piece up tonight! I’m even going to queue a piece for next week!

I promise to try and be a better blogger!

I hope you enjoyed!


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