Aislyn knew how to play the game.

She batted her lashes and near the men came.

She could catch any target that her heart did desire

And fill him with lust, hot like a fire.

A careful touch there and a coy word here,

Winning the game with her girlish cheer.


She was at the top of her profession,

So she was surprised by her own confession

made after an evening of x-rated play.

“I like you a lot,” she’d whispered, “so what do you say?”

He’d cocked his head and was silent awhile,

Then he had kissed her and pulled back with a smile.


One short year later, they were married

And eagerly awaiting the child she carried,

But their happy family was not meant to be

As she cruelly found out when she started to bleed.

With a distant husband and her baby now dead

Aislyn turned to alcohol instead.


While she sought comfort in the arms of a bottle,

Her husband was on the highway, full throttle.

In the passenger seat, just to his right,

Was the other woman, encouraging his flight.

Aislyn knew he was tasting the thrill of a one-night-stand,

But she didn’t know to expect the officer with his cap in his hand.


With no hope left to her name

And no desire to return to the game,

Aislyn released her pain to the night

And grasped that whiskey bottle tight.

With no reason left, she became no more than a shell

Silently waiting for life’s waves to smash her to hell.


Though she may be entirely alone,

She still goes to work and still answers the phone.

When she gets home, she gives into temptation

Like so many others she turns to intoxication.

She longs for the bottle to drink her to death,

But it will be decades before she breathes her last breath

I have been a terrible blogger and allowed myself to get swamped with school work. Because of this, I am posting another piece created as homework for a class. Apparently, my professor loved it. The assignment was to write a rhyming poem portraying a serious event. I’ll try to finish my schoolwork early enough in the week to write something better. Thanks for being so patient with me!


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