A couple of weeks ago, I promised to post some pictures of my latest and greatest crafty project. Well, here it is!

I recently decided to try making some of the popular no-sew tutu dresses that have recently taken over Pinterest. To say the least, I am officially in love with making these dresses, and am in the process of designing one for myself (even tomboys from backwoods Maine need to feel like a princess every now and then).

Here are the results:


I made two identical dresses for these two beautiful princesses!

I based my design off this tutorial from the Hair Bow Company (where I purchased my tulle from as well). I used long crocheted elastic headbands to make the tops of the dresses, which I found discounted on the internet. Please don’t ask me to remember where I bought them from as I forgot that information long, long ago…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

These dresses only have two layers of tulle (compared to the three in the tutorial), but they are still delightfully fluffy!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Rather than follow the tutorial for decorating, I decided to go off-book and design my own decorations. A nice walk through A. C. Moore yielded a hefty stash of supplies.

I chose to go with the halter top design because I was unable to measure the girls in person, and I wanted them to have some kind of adjustable sleeves that could be altered if the dresses were a little too big. The satin ribbon I used dressed up the otherwise-casual style.

The jewels at the base of the halter tops and the silk roses are attached to large metal pins (like you would find on the back of a brooch) with a super-strong epoxy jewelers use. I decided to go with pins instead of some other means of attachment because it allows for the decorations to be removed for either ease of hand-washing or personal preference.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I am really proud of myself, and I cannot wait to make more!

I wonder if I could become one of those craft bloggers who makes money by posting a different craft every week… I could stand to be famous on Pinterest…


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