The Day I Gained

Here is a Facebook status I made one year ago today. I hope to upload an actual blog post later today! Thanks for putting up with my sporadic posts. I have the best readers!
Today, my forgetfulness gave me one extra day to live.

It is a little known fact that I often hide things like money or trinkets for myself to find at a later date. I forget where it is, and I get a dose of joy when I find it.

Today, I was informed that it is Thursday, not Friday.

I spent all week thinking a day ahead.

Now, upon realizing that it is Thursday, I am thanking past Kat for somehow managing to forget what day it really was, and thus gifting present Kat with an extra day of life.

You never really appreciate that one day until you have it given back to you.

Lesson: never take the time you have for granted.


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