I was at a loss of what to write about for today’s post, so I hit up Pinterest (find me here) and searched for some blog ideas. The one idea that was in every collection of prompts I looked up was a list of random facts. Variations of “ten facts about you,” “25 things your reader’s probably didn’t know about you,” and “17 random facts about everyone’s favorite blogger (you!)” screamed up at me from several different pages. Because of the perseverance of this theme, I have decided to make my own facts-about-me post.

  1. I can talk to birds. 13210927_1189970421027023_269507740_o                   Okay, not all birds, and not very fluently, but I have spent most of my life around domesticated poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks, etc.) that I have developed the ability to understand their different noises and body language, and even mimic noises that they understand and respond to. I work at a poultry barn during a local fair where I clean the show cages the birds stay in out. While doing so, I can predict which birds are going to try to jump out while I clean and even how they plan to escape. This skill has resulted in a couple of ninja-like saves where I have safely snatched a bird out of midair with one hand without faltering in my cleaning. I can also hypnotize any bird, from an angry goose to a broody hen. Speaking the vocal language of birds is not that much different. I can get the attention of young birds by making “mommy” noises and any other bird by telling them I found food. I can even tell you whether or not a pigeon is angry or just interested in doing the nasty with his lady friend. The most recent and tragic example of this happened this past week when I got home and heard my family of turkey’s making a different noise than usual. They were making a kind of confused and scared clucking sound, which I knew could only mean one thing: One of them was dead. Upon approaching their run, I found that my fears were correct when I saw one of their little poults, Christmas (names for the dinner I planned to eat him for), was lying motionless on the ground. This leaves me with Paul and Sarah (my breeders) and their remaining poult, Thanksgiving. They have made a full recovery from the traumatic experience and are back to making their happy food noises.
  2. I’m going to be a mermaid someday. mehganthemermaidWhen I was little, I loved Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, just as most little girls do. I loved the water and the beach, and bring a mermaid was always a dream of mine. Now, with the monofin and swimmable mermaid tail craze growing every day, I am determined to be a real life mermaid. I just need to save hefty sum to get the silicone tail of my dreams first. If all goes well, this time next year I will be posting pictures of mermaid me for all my readers to see!
  3. I am an avid Pokemon trainer. 575593_1Thank you, Pokemon Go! Another childhood dream of mine has become a reality. As many of you know, this app is designed to get people out and about, which works great for me. I am Team Instinct, if you care to know. This morning, I downloaded an app to use alongside Pokemon Go! during my Pokehunt walks. It is called Charity Miles, and it allows you to earn money for a charity of your choice while you walk! Now, I can live two dreams: being a trainer and helping people in need!
  4. I have a decent array of survival skills to aid me in the inevitable apocalypse.hqdefault                              When I was younger, I spent several weekends at survival camps. Between those camps, my former Special Forces father, and my extensive research of survival skills, I am confident in my ability to survive in the wilderness. I can start a fire with nothing more than a couple of sticks, build a shelter from snow that is so warm you will actually have to take off layers, use a map and compass, locate food sources, and purify water. When the apocalypse comes, or I end up stranded somewhere, I will be ready. I have had several people say that they never would have taken me for the type to know the stuff I do, probably because I wear a lot of jewelry and drive a toaster car. In reality, I am so ready to live in the woods or on a deserted island.
  5. I am insanely crafty. 1614612_362714020574710_2140479506134183897_oI love making things, and though my usual two activities are crocheting and paper quilling, I love dabbling in everything. I often tell people that “if I can look it up on Pinterest, I can make it,” a statement which usually holds true. Besides my usual styles, I am a decent sewer and jewel, a whiz with anything that needs a hot glue gun, and I even have a decent hand when it comes to clay. My current project, a set of princess dresses, should be finished by next Saturday, so I might make a post about those! You can find my never-updated craft page at https://www.facebook.com/katscreationsquilledgifts.
  6. I breed and raise bugs. MargaeryJust Dubia roaches (cousins of the cockroach) and red runners (speedy, beetle-like things). I don’t keep them as pets, but rather as a food source for my four leopard geckos. They aren’t anywhere as gross as you might think, but cleaning them is a bit of a chose since they like to crawl everywhere.
  7. My alias for everything is LoveTheBirdGirl.    black-white-social-media                                                                              Well, now you know. Go ahead and find me on every social media outlet (accept for Facebook). Your life just got more awesome. You’re welcome.
  8. When pop-culture and fandoms are concerned, I am… slytherin                                                                                                A Slytherin, a Horned Serpent, a member of Team Instinct, a Scorpio, a Boar, and a water bender, a Whovian, Sherlocked, and a member of the Fairytail guild. There are many more fandom and pop-culture alignments that I have, but I would really like to get to a Pokemon Go! meet up and need to wrap this post up. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about these aliignments!
  9. I haven’t worn make-up since Christmas, 2015. 13241678_1189970711026994_1021253825_oWell, unless you count the make-up I wore as part of my costume for my campus’s showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I just don’t like taking the time to put it one. Besides, who do I have to impress by feeling like my face is extra heavy and not being able to scratch and itch on my eyelid without smearing everything around?
  10. I consider loyalty, honesty, and creativity to be the most important traits I look for in a person.                                         93                                                                Regardless of whether you are a friend, a significant other, or a family member, I will be looking for these traits. If you have all three of these, there is a very good chance that we will get along just fine!

That’s all for now, folks! Please comment if you feel so inclined to do so!


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