I went on an inspiration adventure today! I set out not knowing where the road would take me, and ended up going to the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. Once I was there, I wandered around taking pictures, enjoying the ocean air, scampering about on the rocks, and writing for this blog.

I will be including a few pictures with this poem because I think they are really nice and would like to share them.

Barefoot Girl

The callouses on her feet

Know these stones better than any street

So while others walk in materials man has honed,

Her naked skin plaps against the wave-worn stone.

With tiny bumps on her skin and wind in her hair

She glances in a tide pool and back the seashells stare.

All around her, the salt waves swirl.

Those who saw called me the barefoot girl.

This poem is my attempt at playing with perspective. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Now, time for some pictures.

I apologize ahead of time for the quality of the photos. I only had my phone instead of a quality camera. The phone in question was swiftly running out of battery, thus causing my screen to be too dark for me to see what I was snapping


The view of Pemaquid Light from the perch I occupied while writing.


Such a pretty place!


This is the rock I sat atop while writing.


I realized that there was nothing in that picture to show you how big the rock was. Here I have drawn a stick figure about my height (5’7”) to give you an idea of how tall it was. It made for a great climb!


Found this stick just hanging between two sections of stone. I love the reflection it casts on the water!


Check out how clearly my photos of this tide pool came out! A little bit of glare caused by the sun gave me reason to play with the brightness of the image (I’m not that skilled, I know), but still so pretty!


Here are some more shells from the same tide pool, just up closer. The original photo was very bright, so I dimmed it down a bit. It’s amazing what basic camera apps can do these days…


This is pair of shells I found. The bigger one was only about an inch long, if that. I was playing with perspective and angle, and this is what I ended up with. I even got my camera to focus on the inside of the shell more so than the outside.


Ocean snow.


This ‘snow’ is really only sea salt that has caked itself to the vegetation. It’s so lovely!

Because I am leaving for my travel course to Newfoundland on Monday, I will be queuing a couple of more poems I wrote today as posting pictures that go along with them. They will be available for the next two Saturdays!


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