As many of my readers know, I love my home state of Maine. I grew up in the back woods, but have always loved the mountains and the ocean that characterize this amazing state. No matter how far my wanderlust takes me, I know Maine will always be my home. I was reminded of this when my work as a swim instructor took me to Rangeley. The drive through the mountains was breathtaking. As a result, I was moved to write this poem. It has not been edited or reviewed at all, so please appreciate any rough edges for what they are.

Homage to My Home


My home is not where my head meets my pillow

For I could not know so many homes.

My home is not where my loved ones gather

For my love spans far and wide.

My home is not one tiny box filled with food and comfort

For my soul is too substantial.


My home is in the woods

Where the chickadees call to me.

My home is in the swamps

Where the peepers croak me to my slumber.

My home is on an old dirt trail

Where the river of my youth flows beside me.


My home is in the mountains

Where the distant peaks are still powder white.

My home is on a winding stretch of pavement

Where yellow signs with moose outlines outnumber those with numbers.

My home is on a rock in the center of a meltwater stream

Where I dip my toes in a trickle that will soon become a torrent.


My home is on the coast

Where saltwater winds beckon me near.

My home is on a sandy beach

Where waves caress glass smooth.

My home is in the icy ocean

Where the water pulls me down and lifts me up


My home cannot be bound steadfast

Because I am open skies and not four walls.

My home cannot be the whole world

Because I am too easily lost.

My home cannot stray away from me

Because I may tire too soon.


My home is where my heart can be set free

And where on a whim it can change.

My home is where I can thrive,

And where I can fuel my soul with peace

My home is a place for me to rest

And a place for me to explore.


This is my homage to Maine.

I’m curious to hear about where you consider your home to be, so feel free to tell me all about it in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Homage to My Home

  1. I really like this! I relate to home being a feeling, “My home is where my heart can be set free” and possibly being in lots of different places! For me home is somewhere around where I live, but always where I can feel comfortable and free 😊


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