I suck at writing posts ahead of time and rock at avoiding strokes of creative genius, so here’s a list of how I cope.

  1. Take a shower. I could write, or I could boil my flesh while massaging my scalp with fragrant products. Shower it is.
  2. Eat. No need to validate this one.
  3. Feed my turkeys. I have to feed them. It’s my job as their mama. At least when I’m at my parents’ house.
  4. Homework. Let’s read Shakespeare! Let’s make teaching sketches for my EDU class! Let’s read a giant chunk of that dry novel for ENG! Now is a perfect time to write a blog post for my teaching blog!
  5. Dye my hair. I’ve wanted red high lights for ages, so I had my awesome mum do them (she’s a professional!). They are super subtle, so you can’t see them unless I’m in the sunlight, but I love them. Maybe next time I need to write a blog post, I’ll get some brighter streaks!
  6. Find some friends to hang with. Why write when you can grab a friend and hit up the local bowling alley? We bowled four games today, and I even won one! The building even housed an arcade, so we pooled our tickets and bought a woopie cushion. Obviously, since we had already driven to town, we had to go to Walmart where we got some glasses adjusted, and bought some noise-makers, a Darth Vader pillow, and a super cool 3D puzzle for my father on Easter. Top it off with some frozen yogurt, and you have a great outing!
  7. Message literally everyone you know on Facebook. “Everyone” is an exaggeration, but when crunch time for writing a post is near, you suddenly find so many people you need to catch up with. I would like to extend a very special thanks to Sam, Dawn, Judy, Harris, Zach, Billy, and Aaron for allowing me to message them as an alternative to writing.
  8. Read articles about people you went to school with who are handling adulthood ten times worse than you are. Sometimes you just need a little confidence booster. Like knowing that you are stable enough to not kill your newborn child. There are times when I feel totally out of control because of everything I have to do in order to simply exist in the adult world, but I still manage to not become the subject of a tragic news article. This is successfully adulting, right?
  9. Google “ideas for blog posts.” Okay, this is it. I’m going to find an article and it will trigger a flood of ideas! No, it won’t. Before writing a post, I always google ideas, and then I spend an hour coming up with reasons why I don’t want to write about certain things. Whenever I type “ideas for blog posts” in the search bar, a long line of purple test pops up. Occasionally, I get the blue of a virgin article, but that is quickly turned purple as I frantically search the web for inspiration.
  10. Post a Facebook status about how you need ideas for a blog post. I do this even though I know I will either not get responses by the time I decide what I want to post. I think I subconsciously post those statuses looking for attention for my humble little blog. Perhaps I just get really desperate. I don’t know at this point. I’m pretty tired and am barely paying attention to what I am typing. Why do I procrastinate on these things…?
  11. Scroll through Facebook until you are so tired that you will write about anything. I’m so tired that I will literally write about anything right now.

Well there you have it: a list of stuff I do instead of write blog posts. I have got to stop putting these off until the last minute.

You can prevent my absence of blogging ideas by commenting ideas for future posts! What would you like to see me write about? Tell me, and save me from writer’s block. Please.


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