Busy week. I honestly spaced on writing something for today despite the little note in my planner proclaiming “Blog Post!” with a spiky boarder… Well, here’s a blast from the past (2015).



When we were little,
You cut my hair.
You cut it so badly,
I had to wear it short.
Mum and I were mad,
But you thought it was funny.

Remember when you called me fat,
But you never saw me cry about it?
You hurt my feelings
Like the little shit you are.
You never said sorry
Unless it was forced.

I remember how you cried
When I pretended that
Those witches on the hayride
Had given me poisoned cider.
You screamed: “They killed my sister!”
As I played dead.

You remember wrestling, right?
I’d hit that spot on your back,
Or you would pin me down,
Just like Pa had taught us,
Army guy style/
You’d always stop when the fake tears rolled.

You went to the hospital twice
Because of me.
It will be safe, I promised.
It will be fun, I said.
You never hated me.
You forgave me.

When you got to high school,
You pretended not to know me.
I still had your back.
No one gave you a hard time
Without getting through me.
They seldom did.

You make fun of my clothes.
I make fun of your hair.
You insult my boyfriend,
And I embarrass you in front of your girl.
We team yup to tackle Pa,
And speak so Mum can’t hear us.

Little Brother,
You’re still a little shit,
But you are my little shit.
I’ve got your back,
And you’ve got mine.
I’ll always be your sister.



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