Time for a fresh poem. I wrote it this week, so you don’t have to deal with stale words.

Sea Glass

I was a bottle
Tall, clear, whole,
Made all of flawless glass
And filled with value.

Then I was cast away,
Emptied of my worth.
I was cast away
Like the trash they saw me as.

Tossed to the wild,
Smashed on the rocks,
Dulled by the waves.
I was broken and scattered.

They looked through me
And saw nothing.
They did not see me.
They did not see my promise.

A victim of their blindness,
I was thrown to the ocean
Where I found salvation
As I was crushed.

Now I have no contents
For them to ogle.
They cannot stare through me.
They cannot ignore my beauty.

I survived the rocks
And the angry waves.
I may be shattered to thousands,
But I am completed now.

Where once stood a bottle,
Judged by what it could hold,
Now lies the pieces of me,
Sea glass.



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