First Blog Post

Well, I have been fretting over this post since 2015 (Get it? Since it is January 1st?), and I am finally sitting down to write it. I wanted to write a creative ‘meet me’ post, but my creativity muscle shuts off at 8PM (About 2 hours ago).

I suppose I will tell you a little bit about myself and this blog. It will probably be boring, but I can promise that future posts will be much more interesting, entertaining, and creative.

Why am I starting this thing?

My 2016 New Years Resolution (as cliche as that sounds) is to keep a blog. I want to write more, and there is no better way to do that than to give myself a weekly writing goal.

How often will I be posting?

I plan to post at least every Friday, but that may change as time passes, just as everything in life does.

What will I be posting?

I dabble in all areas of writing, so this blog will reflect that. I intend to post my ideas, stories from my life, general musings, fictional stories, short articles about my passions and interests, open letters, poetry, and other random writings.

I am also interested in writing about things that you, my readers, want to challenge me with. Give me a big question. Give me one of those Facebook status questionnaires. Give me anything, and I will do my best.

In the event that I am too busy to write a post for the week, I will post something from my literary past. This may include short stories, poetry, and short essays I have written. I hope that this will be a bit more interesting fro you than a simple post apologizing about my inaction for the week.

Who am I?

Wow. That’s a loaded question. I probably should not have asked that of myself.

I am a swimmer, patriot, teacher, student, gun-enthusiast, nerd, bird girl, aspiring mermaid, bookworm, equalist, food-lover, survivor of humanity, and so many other things that I cannot list them all. I am sure you will learn much more about me through the posts I write.

Can you contact me?

Duh. We are both humans, right? I mean, you can still talk to me if you aren’t, but I am making an educated guess.

You can comment on any of my posts with questions, advice, criticism, writing challenges, and anything else you like. I’ll respond to the best of my abilities.

If you would like to contact me privately, simply let me know in a comment, and I will present you with a way to contact me.

Why should you read this?

You probably shouldn’t. I’m sure there are a dozen other, more productive ways you could be spending your time.


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