Sea Glass

Time for a fresh poem. I wrote it this week, so you don’t have to deal with stale words.

Sea Glass

I was a bottle
Tall, clear, whole,
Made all of flawless glass
And filled with value.

Then I was cast away,
Emptied of my worth.
I was cast away
Like the trash they saw me as.

Tossed to the wild,
Smashed on the rocks,
Dulled by the waves.
I was broken and scattered.

They looked through me
And saw nothing.
They did not see me.
They did not see my promise.

A victim of their blindness,
I was thrown to the ocean
Where I found salvation
As I was crushed.

Now I have no contents
For them to ogle.
They cannot stare through me.
They cannot ignore my beauty.

I survived the rocks
And the angry waves.
I may be shattered to thousands,
But I am completed now.

Where once stood a bottle,
Judged by what it could hold,
Now lies the pieces of me,
Sea glass.



Poetry Post

The first week of the 2016 Spring semester has hit! I’m wiped. I technically have had time to write a new blog post, but one of my classes brought up an old love interest of mine: poetry. This has sparked a strong desire to post some form of poetry. Since I am not in the mood to write a fresh poem, I will be cutting a corner or two and posting one I wrote in 2015. I hope you don’t mind.


Sandra Pearl

Last night I dreamed
Not of terror nor bliss.
But of sadness.
But of Loss.

Last night I dreamed
Of memories never made,
Of friendship never forged,
Of stories never told.

Last night I dreamed
Of games never played,
Of fights never fought,
Of secrets never shared.

Last night I dreamed
Of promises never whispered,
Of gifts never given,
Of embraced never locked.

Last night I dreamed
Of dark hair never brushed,
Of hearts never broken,
Of tears never dried.

Last night I dreamed
Of my sister never born.

Why Parents Should Express Self-Love

Looks like this post will actually be on time! By “on time,” I mean that I will not be posting it super late tonight. What a concept! How am I managing this, you ask? I am actually typing this last night and used the feature that allows me to publish at a later time and date! I found this because I worked an opening guard shift and am (most likely) teaching a CPR course at the time this is published. What a cool feature!

Anyway, this post is going a bit deeper in the emotional spectrum, and is dedicated to my parents.


Dear parental units,

I know that I am not the most affectionate of daughters. I know that I spend more time laughing at your mistakes or jokes than I do telling you I love you or thanking you for all I have done. That is partially why I am writing this. The main reason for this post, dedicated to you, will be explained in the next paragraph.

I have been thinking about a series of memories from my childhood a lot this week. Remember when I was young and you expressed your needs to lose weight? Remember how I told you I would be sad if you weren’t as ‘cuddly’ as I was used to? I don’t think you understood it then, but that was my childish way to get you to see yourselves through my eyes.

I understood that being “skinny” and “fit” was a good thing that everyone wanted. I knew that being overweight was a bad thing. I could care less what your physical shape was. After all, you were my parents. I loved you without condition, and I still do. However, my immature mind interpreted your desire to shed a few pounds as one thing:

“We don’t love ourselves.”

Looking back, I know this was not necessarily the case. I only thought it was because you never expressed self-confidence when talking about your bodies. You never said that you liked how you looked in a certain shirt. You never said that losing weight would make you happy. As far as I knew, you only wanted to lose weight because it would make the rest of the world like you more for some reason.

I just wanted to express that I only asked you to stay ‘squishy’ because I thought it would help you see yourselves through the veil of unconditional love that covered my eyes as well as the eyes of every other child when they look at their parents.

That veil is still there. It may have changed a bit over the years as I have matured and developed a less-selfish and more mature worldview, but it is still there nonetheless. While you chastise me for having three piercings in each ear, wanting to dye my hair, get tattoos, more piercings, or whatever else I want to do, I will always love you.

I’m your little girl. I don’t care what you look like, but I wish you would cut me some slack in the same sense. I am still the same girl you raised and loved, no matter what extra holes or colors my body has on it. When I was little, I understood that you would still be my parents even if your body changed, and I did the best to make sure that you knew that. i only wish you could do the same for me now that I am all grown up and becoming my own person with my own tastes and beauty standards.

I am trying to love myself and be the person I want my future children, your future grandchildren, to look up to. I want to be a mom who loves herself so completely that I can show that to my children even when I am expressing insecurities and humanizing myself to them.


Your little girl


I know you probably hate it, but the picture I included of you two is one of my favorites. It shows you both laughing back in 2011. I don’t remember if this was taken at a bonfire or some other kind of get together, but it makes me so happy to see you smiling and laughing even though you are in dirty work clothes. This is how I love seeing you guys, so please don’t hate me if you read this and see that.


To all the other parents and role models reading this:

I know this post probably does not make much sense, but to all you parents out there, mine included, remember how important it is to show your children (and any other young person that looks up to you) that you love yourself despite your flaws and insecurities so they can grow up knowing how to love themselves as well.


In Light of the Maine-Hating Article by Drew Magary…

Merely a day after I published my article, Maine vs. California: The War that Crossed a Nation, some guy named Drew Magary created a long article about why the US should kick Maine out of the country.

One of the points I made in my post about Maine and California duking it out was that Maine would be more than capable of being self-sufficient. Go ahead and kick us out of the states. No biggie.

However, do take the time to read this awesome rebuttal post, Dear Drew, from Maine, from a good friend of mine, Crazy Uncle Harris. It’s pure gold and written with all the heart and soul of a true Mainiac!

He even linked my post about Maine being bad ass, so you know it’s good!

Maine vs. California: The War that Crossed a Nation

I return once again, after a week of silence. I’m sure that the endless abyss of the internet missed me. Anyway, I am currently failing as a blogger. I have spent this entire week fretting over what to write about instead of producing some quality work for readers to appreciate.

Should I write a poem about the difficulties of using a strange shower? No, too cheesy.

Should I write a short narrative on what I believe led to the existence of the majestic puffin? No, I don’t want to make people realize I am crazy (yet).


Well, a conversation with some of my co-workers (Joe, from Cali, and Katie, my fellow Mainiac) this morning has finally brought me my answer.

**The following is in no way, shape, or form based on actual information. This is purely the creation of my own awesome and uneducated ideas**


Maine vs. California: The War that Crossed a Nation

Who would win in a war (of undetermined cause), The Golden State that spans most of the west coast or the humble Pine Tree State that I call home? Let’s begin by examining each state.


California: More people, probably more bombs, resources more valuable to other states and countries (?), more active military bases, surfers, vehicles suffer minimal rust, everything wants to kill you

Maine: Lots of food (blueberries, clams, lobster, potatoes, stable agriculture, etc.), bad roads in winter, lots of people already living primarily off the land, Atlantic puffins (cuter than the tufted puffin that can be seen on the California coast), Stephen King, most people think we belong to Canada (even Canadians)


California: On fire 90% of the year, no water 80% of the year, flooding and mudslides when there is no fire, people have no cold tolerance

Maine: Deep snow and cold temperatures in winter, most military bases are old forts from the World Wars, people are not used to things besides moose wanting to kill them,

A Few Points

  1. Maine has enough resources to support a modest population. It can be assumed that many of the none-natives whose loyalties lie elsewhere will leave the state upon the mention of war with Cali. If they leave, the farmers and those loyal to Maine will remain, creating a modest population easily sustained by the local agriculture. This means that sieging Maine will result in nothing but us returning to our independent roots.
  2. California probably has access to enough weapons to blow Maine to bits, as well as enough people (assuming they all join the fight). However, they need to convince the rest of the states and countries taking the side of Maine to let them attack.
  3. Maine could send a few infiltrates into California to tamper with the three watering holes that exist there, assuming they can survive the snakes, bugs, spiders, jelly fish, and every other creature that wants them dead. California will dehydrate while they are on fire.
  4. California’s rust-free vehicles may be in better shape to weather Maine winters than the local cars and trucks. However, can Californians drive in snow?
  5. Anyone who has ever read a Stephen King novel knows that Maine has some creepy stuff going on. Who knows how much of it is real and craving tan, fish-flavored flesh that has been toned by years spent surfing the majestic waves off the Cali coast?

Alas, I am far too in love with my home state to make an unbiased decision of who would win. What do you think?


… Oh, right. The puffins. They really serve no strategical advantage for Maine. They are just cuter than both the horned puffin (Alaska/British Columbia) and the tufted puffin (Alaska/California).



First Blog Post

Well, I have been fretting over this post since 2015 (Get it? Since it is January 1st?), and I am finally sitting down to write it. I wanted to write a creative ‘meet me’ post, but my creativity muscle shuts off at 8PM (About 2 hours ago).

I suppose I will tell you a little bit about myself and this blog. It will probably be boring, but I can promise that future posts will be much more interesting, entertaining, and creative.

Why am I starting this thing?

My 2016 New Years Resolution (as cliche as that sounds) is to keep a blog. I want to write more, and there is no better way to do that than to give myself a weekly writing goal.

How often will I be posting?

I plan to post at least every Friday, but that may change as time passes, just as everything in life does.

What will I be posting?

I dabble in all areas of writing, so this blog will reflect that. I intend to post my ideas, stories from my life, general musings, fictional stories, short articles about my passions and interests, open letters, poetry, and other random writings.

I am also interested in writing about things that you, my readers, want to challenge me with. Give me a big question. Give me one of those Facebook status questionnaires. Give me anything, and I will do my best.

In the event that I am too busy to write a post for the week, I will post something from my literary past. This may include short stories, poetry, and short essays I have written. I hope that this will be a bit more interesting fro you than a simple post apologizing about my inaction for the week.

Who am I?

Wow. That’s a loaded question. I probably should not have asked that of myself.

I am a swimmer, patriot, teacher, student, gun-enthusiast, nerd, bird girl, aspiring mermaid, bookworm, equalist, food-lover, survivor of humanity, and so many other things that I cannot list them all. I am sure you will learn much more about me through the posts I write.

Can you contact me?

Duh. We are both humans, right? I mean, you can still talk to me if you aren’t, but I am making an educated guess.

You can comment on any of my posts with questions, advice, criticism, writing challenges, and anything else you like. I’ll respond to the best of my abilities.

If you would like to contact me privately, simply let me know in a comment, and I will present you with a way to contact me.

Why should you read this?

You probably shouldn’t. I’m sure there are a dozen other, more productive ways you could be spending your time.